My Own Reflection / The garden 

My Own Reflection was payed at “lunualae” an exhibition curated by Thomas Maestro, cac Bretigny, 2023

My Own Reflection / The garden is an ensemble of sculptures, objects, costumes and poems that were activated during a performance. Like in a teenage bedroom, in a cave or on a riding ground, I change my appearance through the meeting of materials.

The title of the performance « My own reflection » is a play on words showcasing multiple meanings : the intellectual activity and the way people construct a self image that they then reflect to others. 

Vue de l’exposition hors les murs «lunulae #1». Commissaire: Thomas Maestro. Espace Brel, Donjon de Sainte-Genevève-des-Bois. CAC Brétigny, 2023. Photo: Pauline Assathiany