it came like it come




The first woman is playing

She is the host

the girl who knows the most

There is the female wolf

arpente en traque

la force sourde

start the


Louve louve

Lova Lava

« I turn around rocks

moving my teeth around all still things

seeing some foots

like under my shoes

just flesh and bones.”

There is the 2 sisters

Oh oooooooh

la bobiiiiiine

like a cat play

The big serjoint

like for a deep game.

Seeing them

Watch them

Beauty-beautiful charming players of time and forge.

Far away

I see the churchman

« I cut some wood prayers »

Because only god knows

how many fires can burn

how many loves can hurt

how many tables we still need

to write to eat to cheer !

Explorator who are you ?

You have the knowledge



Teach me how.

thanks to the beautiful team of volcano residency, thanks to Maureen Béguin for the invitation. It was just love lova lava